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Public consultation on science communication

The Observa and the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon are organizing a public consultation under the CONCISE project that will take place on November 16 at the Centro Cultural de Belém in Lisbon. The EU-funded CONCISE project aims to understand what role science communication plays in the knowledge and beliefs about scientific subjects of European citizens:

The CONCISE public consultation consists on roundtable discussions about four topics and will last for one day. Selected participants will be asked to discuss topics related to public communication and their perception of science-related topics in small groups, such as vaccines, climate change, genetically modified organisms, and the use of alternative medicines. This activity will take place between 9h30 and 17h, including rest and lunch breaks.

We intend to recruit volunteers with different social profiles from all over the country. You do not need to have specific experience or knowledge about the topics to discuss. The only requirements to participate are the following: being 18 years old or older, living in Portugal and being fluent in Portuguese. Citizens will contribute to the study on a voluntary basis (they will not receive any monetary compensation for their participation), but transportation, accommodation and food will be covered by the organization. Volunteers will also receive a free gift and free admission to some museums in Lisbon.

The main purpose of the consultation is for citizens to share their opinions and experiences on how scientific information reaches the public. Moderators may ask questions to facilitate dialogue, but there are no right or wrong answers. All contributions count and are essential for increasing CONCISE’s knowledge of the sources citizens use to access science information and how they form opinions and make decisions related to scientific matters.

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If you have any questions: Ana Delicado,, 217804700