Start date: 2017

Date of completion: 2019

CONNECT – Energy for all

“CONNECT – Energy for all” is an initiative promoted by ADENE and funded by the program PPEC 2017-18 that aims to develop inclusive strategies to mitigate energy poverty and increase the energy efficiency among the population in disadvantaged socioeconomic conditions and info-exclusion. This will be achieved through the promotion of field actions in ten civil parishes, distributed throughout the country.

It is the responsibility of the team of the Instituto de Ciências Sociais, Universidade de Lisboa to carry out the characterization of consumers vulnerable to energy poverty. This characterization will be the basis for assessing the target audience for the remaining actions.

The work to be developed by ICS-UL consists of:

– qualitative deepening of the analysis carried out in the mapping phase, in order to ascertain the circumstances leading to energy poverty and its impacts;

– in identifying the main options and opportunities for intervention and action on the conditions of energy poverty, based on the qualitative evaluation carried out;
– the definition of a set of strategies and methodologies for framing the actions to be carried out, contributing to the identification of at least 10 zones of priority action in the national territory for the purpose of implementing the field actions foreseen in this measure.