Start date: 1998

Date of completion: 1999

Semester Thematic Panel: Expo98 and Oceans

The aim of the study was to monitor the evolution of respondents’ opinions over time, following three lines of research: the analysis of relative knowledge on this issue; the evaluation of expectations regarding EXPO-98 and its programs; the analysis of values, representations and attitudes about the oceans. In the latter case, positions that could range from the field of symbolic representations (heritage of humanity / spatial continuity) to the field of material representations (source of resources) and their relation to the political measures designed for this area were considered.

The central objective of monitoring the evolution of the opinion of a group of respondents was to evaluate comparatively the effect that an event like Expo98, dedicated to the theme of the oceans, would have on this opinion. For this purpose, three different moments of inquiry were carried out. One prior to Expo98, another one months after the closing of the exhibition and another one in September. It was sought a set of first answers given in a context of absence of effects of the event and a second moment after an exposure to Expo98 and one last with a certain distance from that event.

The application of this methodology involved the gathering of permanent respondents, in order to conduct longitudinal studies, to follow the transformations and the meaning of the information collected. In this sense, it was hoped, with a comparative analysis, to identify the effect that Expo98 had on this group of respondents. It was also hoped to assess the evolution of opinions on the objectives and form of the Lisbon Universal Exhibition.

An analysis focused on each of the themes explored with the survey script:

  • biodiversity and richness of marine species;
  • law, policies and spatial planning;
  • representations of the seas and oceans;
  • pollution and conservation;
  • Expo98;

Associated Publications:

EXPO 98 – Os Mares e os Oceanos