Start date: 1998

Date of completion: 1999

Semester Thematic Panel: City/Field Representations

The National Survey of Portuguese Practices and Representations implied from the outset a set of questions that could be explored more deeply to another level of inquiry, namely through the consultation of a permanent panel of respondents. In that sense, an objective of the panel that was subsequently set up was precisely to deepen the subjects covered by the national survey and to require a different type of treatment, with clearer information and more specific and qualitative questions.

One of the themes of the survey that was deemed necessary to explore through the panel of respondents was that of representations of the countryside as opposed to representations of the city and ways of life in the city. In this Project, we essentially sought to identify here, which images are associated with the field; since there seems to be a redefinition of this idea distancing itself from the notion of provincial or the idea of ​​peasantry and approaching a neo-rural ideal associated with leisure, well-being and quality of life.

Associated Publications:

Representações da Cidade e do Campo