Blogue ATS: A Reflection on the Scientific Foundations of Social Sciences

“A Reflection on the Scientific Foundations of Social Sciences” é o tema do post desta semana no Blogue ATS, da autoria de Diana Soeiro, investigadora de pós-doutoramento no ICS-ULisboa e membro da equipa do projecto ROCK – Regeneration and Optimization of Cultural Heritage in the Creative and Knowledge Cities.

“Surprise and bewilderment need to become elements that are incorporated within the research process. Perceived as a source of discomfort they are usually quickly dismissed and put aside, or quickly moulded to fit our expectations. However, we should learn to live with them, giving them time to develop and grow, learning to listen what they can tell us. The advantage in doing so is that we can more readily contribute to design a solution, or part of it, to address a given problem when the time comes. ‘Foresearch’ instead of ‘research’.”