Blogue ATS: COVID-19 narratives: old wine in new bottles?

“COVID-19 narratives: old wine in new bottles?” é o título do artigo publicado hoje no Blogue ATS, da autoria de Cláudia Santos, doutoranda do PDACPDS no ICS-ULisboa, e de João Morais Mourato, Investigador Auxiliar no ICS-ULisboa e Vice-Coordenador do Observa.

“It is hard to miss the elephant in the room – how the COVID-19 phenomenon replicates climate change politics and narratives at so many levels. Yes, the pandemic’s immediacy is strikingly different, and so is the urgency it triggers in terms of public and political response. But its global nature, associated geopolitical bickering, half-hearted initial institutional action, (mis)information flows, and uneven geographical and social implications all bear a striking resemblance. In this sense, climate change narratives and their underlying socio-political conflicts are a good indicator of what might lay around the corner in a post-pandemic world.”