Blogue ATS: Planning as a profession: Between individual ethics and public interest

Acaba de ser lançado o mais recente artigo do Blogue ATS intitulado “Planning as a profession: Between individual ethics and public interest”, por André Pereira, assistente de investigação no projecto SOFTPLAN – From Soft Planning to Territorial Design: Practices and Prospects, no Instituto de Ciências Sociais da Universidade de Lisboa.

“A more urgent call for a definition of an ethics of planning comes from the rise of market liberalism in general, and of market planning in particular. It has also led to the growth of the number of planners employed by private consultancies – a fact which challenges the implied association of planners mostly with governmental or community organizations. Where beforehand professional judgement was sufficient to justify decision-making, the increased pressures on local spending, a focus on market provision and individual choice over public services, with no surprise brought forth a range of competing interests on the seemingly unproblematic focus of planning for the ‘common good’.”