Debates Habita 2019/20 – Eser Yagci

A próxima sessão dos Debates Habita – coordenados por Simone Tulumello, do ICS-ULisboa – terá lugar a 14 de janeiro de 2020, pelas 18h30, na Sirigaita (rua dos Anjos, 12F).

Debates Habita 2019/20 – #4 – Eser Yagci
Quarto evento do ciclo de debates Habita 2019/2020 [Coordenação Simone Tulumello (ICS-ULisboa e Observa)]


Evolution of Urban Solidarity in Istanbul
Eser Yagci will share her experience in the participation into the development of urban grassroots in Istanbul, where several different platforms (lgbtq, women, minor cosmopolitan, agriculture cooperatives, immigrant rights, socialist, ecologists, anti-capitalist muslims, forest protection, bicycle collectives etc.) have worked to build a powerful unified voice made up of hundreds of voices. In Instanbul, now, even the mayor is fighting against new investments and mega projects as all these platforms unified and mediated themselves well enough to change local election results.
The debate will be in English
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