Entrevista a Simone Tulumello

Leia a entrevista a Simone Tulumello, investigador auxiliar no ICS-ULisboa e membro do Observa, no artigo da autoria de Nate Berg: “How to Avert the Next Housing Crisis”, publicado na Curbed.

“Housing costs increased steeply, even as wages and income remained flat. “In Lisbon, everything happened in a matter of two or three years in the central areas,” says Simone Tulumello, an assistant research professor focusing on housing policy at the University of Lisbon and a member of Habita, a local housing activist group that lobbied for Farha to visit Portugal. (…)
“It was a year in which, politically, things mounted. Social movements grew very fast in their visibility and capacity to mobilize, and you also had this idea of a housing crisis in the mass media, which it wasn’t before,” Tulumello says. “So in 2017, the government says, ‘Okay, we have to step in.’”