“Eyes wide open: Europe’s choices”

O artigo no Open Democracy sobre “Eyes wide open: Europe’s choices” já se encontra disponível, e foi assinado por Luísa Schmidt (investigadora no ICS-ULisboa e coordenadora do Observa), em co-autoria com André Barata, Renato Miguel Do Carmo, Maria Filomena Molder e Viriato Soromenho-Marques.

“We should be well aware that the choices made in the fight against Covid-19 are also the choices determining our future ways of living with one another. It is a delusion to presume that the problems of the emergency and the problems of the aftermath are dissociated. Declared states of emergency may be lifted, but many will remain in force until a vaccine becomes available. Even beyond that (no less than a year), implicitly they will remain as an acquired alternative. No less because choices are made now and are under evaluation as of now.”