Disseminate the research carried out by the Research Group to understand the social phenomena associated with the global environmental crisis and the challenge of sustainability in Portugal through studies on:

  • Representations, attitudes and behaviors of the Portuguese;
  • Dynamics of participation and citizenship in the processes of conflict, debate and decision making;
  • Urban dimensions of territorial issues and their impact on quality of life;
  • Social impacts of public environmental and spatial planning policies;
  • Emergence and transformation of these themes in the media sphere;
  • Historical dimension and the evolutionary profile of these topics in Portuguese society.

Provide information to researchers, decision-makers, the media and the general public through databases, publications and brochures, containing the data and conclusions of the surveys and projects carried out, as well as evaluating public policies and policy briefs.

Encourage initiatives and events that stimulate reflection, understanding and public intervention in the search for solutions to environmental and territorial problems, in a perspective of participatory citizenship. In this sense, public consultations, thematic workshops, national surveys and training for diverse audiences are promoted.