Data de início: 01/01/2022

Data de conclusão: 31/12/2025

CEEGS : CO2 based electrothermal energy and geological storage system

Ana Delicado (Coord.)

CEEGS (CO2 based electrothermal energy and geological storage system) is a cross-sectoral technology for energy transition, with a renewable energy storage system based on the transcritical CO2 cycle, CO2 storage in geological formations and geothermal heat extraction. It is a highly efficient, cost-effective, and scalable (small-to large-scale) concept for large-capacity renewable energy storage.


  1. From theoretical principles to models, simulations and processes in which advanced numerical simulations integrate reservoir behaviour, wellbore design and surface plant design;
  2. From models and simulations to systems/experimental verification addressing CEEGS integration and efficiency in energy systems, with digital functional and laboratory models developed and components validated with results from the CO2 pilot-scale projects and;
  3. Social, economic and sustainability assessments where social acceptance studies, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and Techno-Economic Analysis (TEA) tools evaluate impacts and concept deployment with renewables, hard-to-decarbonise industries, district heating and cooling, or in grid balance.

A multidisciplinary consortium with expertise in energy (turbomachinery, processes, heat exchange, energy storage, thermal systems, etc.), geology (well designs, CO2 underground storage, etc.), and social sciences (risk perception, public engagement) with the support of leading European geology associations and industries in the energy sectors.

Estatuto: Entidade participante
Financiado: Sim
Entidades:  European Commission
Rede: University of Seville (Coord.), entidades participantes de Espanha, França, Portugal, Alemanha e Grécia