Data de início: 2010

Data de conclusão: 2019

Mistra Urban Futures

Urban development worldwide needs to shift towards greater sustainability. This means adjusting resource flows to reduce their climatic impact and safeguard them while making towns and cities socioculturally resilient, economically successful and democratically, effectively governed.

The complexity of these challenges need to be understood and dealt with better, and their capacity for change is boosted by renewed knowledge in theory and practice alike.

Mistra Urban Futures must develop into a world-leading centre for sustainable urban development in its varying forms and contexts. We offer innovative solutions that are academically excellent, practically effective and socially relevant.

In close collaboration between practitioners and researchers, knowledge develops; learning takes place; and knowledge about and for urban development takes place.

The results will benefit everyone from engineers and architects to social planners and economists in companies as well as in public administration all over the world.

Coordinator: Olivia Bina