Children, citizenship and crisis: towards a participatory agenda

Tipo de publicação: Capítulo de Livro

Almeida, A. N. de, A. S. Ribeiro, and J. Rowland. 2018. “Children, citizenship and crisis: towards a participatory agenda”. In Changing Societies: Legacies and Challenges. Vol. ii. Citizenship in Crisis, eds. M. C. Lobo, F. C. da Silva and J. P. Zúquete. Lisbon: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, 113-134.

Publicação associada ao Projecto CUIDAR.

The chapter discusses the relation between children, citizenship and crisis, based on two research projects focussing on the perspectives and roles of children in crises, either of an economic nature (“Portuguese Children and the Crisis”) or climate change related disasters (“cuidar: Cultures of Disaster Resilience among Children and Young People”). It addresses the importance of including children’s perspectives in crisis narratives (the right to be heard) and advocates a participatory agenda recognising children’s agency and competence to be active
participants in policy processes that concern not only their present, but also their future (the right to participate). It ultimately supports the importance of engaging children from an early age in citizenship practices that benefit society as a whole not only in the present, but also in the future.