Climate scientists and the public: interactions and knowledge exchanges

Tipo de Publicação: Comunicação

Delicado, Ana (2011). “Climate scientists and the public: interactions and knowledge exchanges”. Comunicação apresentada na 10th ESA Conference – RN 12 Environment and Society – Session 3.ª Climate change and the public. Geneva (Switzerland). 8 September 2011.

Publicação associada ao Projecto Alterações Climáticas: Desafios para a Ciência e a Sociedade

Raising public awareness of climate change is crucial for transforming individual behaviours and amassing support to policy measures, which may threaten prosperity and comfort levels that came to be expected in affluent societies. Scientists are one of several agents involved in public communication of climate change and trust in these experts is of the upmost importance if citizens are to be persuaded of the severity of a problem that so far they cannot see nor feel.