Environmental awareness, ecological values. The portuguese case in the European context

Tipo de Publicação: Estudo

Guerra, João e Schmidt, Luísa (2013). Environmental awareness, ecological values. The portuguese case in the European context. Lisboa. Observa.

This article presents some of the results of the fourth wave of the European Values Study (EVS), which aims to identify similarities and differences in the values held in different European countries and to examine how trends are changing. The questionnaire was completed by a stratified and representative sample of the resident adult populations of 47 European countries, the interviews being conducted between 2008 and 2010. Although, as in previous waves, the questionnaire covered a broad and diverse range of subject areas (religious values; family values; socio-political values; economic and labour values; moral values; environmental values), we focus here on the module used exclusively in Portugal relating to environmental issues and values, although we also include other
comparisons from the general questionnaire. Thinking and practice in other areas has a direct and indirect influence on how people perceive the environment and their approach to sustainability. This approach is particularly important in Portugal, which, being in the recent past a predominantly rural and peripheral country closed in on itself, was an exception to the general trend in western Europe.

In this context, our aim is to make a comparative analysis of the structural components of the activities, values, attitudes and positioning reported by Portuguese respondents to the ESV survey with those of other Europeans.

Publicação associada ao Projecto Análise de Inquéritos Internacionais sobre Ambiente.