The historical development of industrial and domestic food technologies

Tipo de Publicação: Capítulo de Livro

Truninger, Mónica (2013). “The historical development of industrial and domestic food technologies”. In Murcott, Anne; Belasco, Warren; Jackson, Peter (Eds.), The handbook of food research. London: Bloomsbury. pp. 82-108.

This chapter depicts the various ways different scholarship strands and methodological approaches have explained and examined industrial and domestic food technologies. It looks at U.S. and European research and also at developments elsewhere. Th e text follows a science and technology studies (STS) orientation, a perspective that stands against technological determinism and underscores the social and cultural embeddedness of technological artifacts. Having assessed the emergence of research in this broad fi eld, the second and third parts of the chapter present the main tenets of the STS approach, describing its main concepts to facilitate the examination of three key debates around gender, time, and competence. Th e chapter closes with a critical appraisal of the direction of recent and future work in the fi eld.