The impact of Europeanization on planning cultures

Tipo de Publicação: Capítulo de Livro

Waterhout, B., Mourato, J. M., Böhme, K., (2009). The impact of Europeanization on planning cultures. In: J. Knieling, & F. Othengrafen, Planning cultures in Europe: between diversity and convergence? Decoding cultural phenomena in urban and regional planning, pp.239-254. Ashgate.

Bringing together an interdisciplinary team from across the EU, this book connects elements of cultural and planning theories to explain differences and peculiarities among EU member states. A ‘culturized planning model’ is introduced to consider the ‘rules of the game’: how culture affects planning practices not only on an explicit ‘surface’ but also on a ‘hidden’ implicit level. The model consists of three analytical dimensions: ‘planning artifacts’, ‘planning environment’ and ‘societal environment’. This book adopts these dimensions to compare planning cultures of different European countries. This sheds light not only on the organizational or institutional structure of planning, but also the influence of deeper cultural values and layers on planning and implementation processes.