Team History
Elsa Coimbra

She is a researcher at CIES (Lisbon) and LUCSUS (Lund University Center for Sustainability Studies). It develops a Post-doc in the scope of Biodiversity financed by FCT, with the title: Natural services and cultural benefits: social translations of biodiversity.

In 2005, she graduated in Sociology of the Environment by ISCTE in Arrangement with the University of Oviedo.

She recently works from an interdisciplinary theoretical field known as Sustainability Science with guidelines for applied knowledge. Her research and professional experience reveal many interests that still gravitate around the relation between the human species and Nature within the dynamics of the socio-ecological system that we call Earth. The exploration from the field is made from an articulated vision between Nature, Society and Subject. From here we seek to find integral meanings for concepts such as “conservation”, “life”, “well-being” and “evolution”.