Team History
João Seixas

Researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences of the University of Lisbon. PhD in Urban Geography from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Master in Urban and Regional Planning from the London School of Economics.

Commissioner for the Lisbon Strategic Charter. Coordinator of various development and urban regeneration projects. URBACT main expert for the area of ​​’Governance and Urban Planning’ (EC Urban and Regional Policies).

Several publications, both nationally and internationally. Guest lecturer at the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro. It exerts a varied civic activity for the qualification of cities and their governance.

Main areas of work: i) Contemporary trends in politics and society in cities and Portuguese / European / World metropolis; ii) Structures of Governance, Planning and Territorial Regulation, Dynamics and Logics of Urban and Regional Development; iii) Paradigms and Dynamics of Socioeconomic and Cultural Development in cities.