Current Team
Lavínia Pereira

I am a Research Fellow at the Institute of Social Sciences – University of Lisbon (ICS-UL), with a PhD in Contemporary Philosophy (2017).
My research interests include French Contemporary Philosophy, Metaphysics, Philosophy of Nature, Process Philosophy, Aesthetics, Sustainability Studies, Urban Imaginaries, Posthuman Knowledges and Ecologies.
In 2016 I integrated the research group “Ambiente, Território e Sociedade” (Environment, Territory and Society) at ICS where I’ve been conducting research in two main interdisciplinary fields:
– ‘Age of Humans and Nature’ (AoHN), developing an interdisciplinary inquiry into the changing humans-nature relationships (HNR) in the ‘Age of Humans’, or the ‘Anthropocene’;
– ‘The Future of University: as if sustainability mattered’, as part of the research agenda of INTREPID Cost Action (Challenge 3), aiming to understand how Higher Education Institutions can be key agents of change if they acknowledge their fundamental role in contributing to more sustainable pathways.