Current Team
Rosário Oliveira

Rosário Oliveira is a Landscape Architect (1994), with a PhD in Landscape Arts and Techniques (2008). Since 2000 she has reconciled teaching and research in 6 universities. She is an integrated researcher at the Institute of Social Sciences (ICS) / University of Lisbon (Research Group on Environment, Territory and Society) and Invited Professor at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.

Her research is focused on the relationship between territory and landscape, considering that concepts, approaches and methods on landscape research can and should be integrated into spatial planning and management that result in more efficient territorial dynamics that promote a better quality of life. Urban food planning is an example.

Since 2009, she has contributed to the implementation of the European Landscape Convention in Portugal, through various projects at different scales. Among other initiatives, she participated in the drafting committee for the National Policy on Architecture and Landscape, approved in 2015, and on the amendment of the National Program for Spatial Planning Policy (2018).

In 2014 she was awarded the Collaborative Research Award by Universidade Nova de Lisboa.





Consultoria técnica no âmbito do processo conducente à alteração do Programa Nacional da Política de Ordenamento do Território