Start date: 2010

Date of completion:

Creatcity – A Culture of Governance for Urban Creativity: Lisbon, Barcelona and São Paulo

The “Creatcity” project was the result of an analysis of a set of exploratory interviews that were carried out with key actors in thinking and acting on the contemporary city (political decision-makers, official structures and civil society actors) in the three metropolitan areas studied in project: Lisbon (Portugal), São Paulo (Brazil) and Barcelona (Spain).

The analysis of the answers was intended to identify the different perspectives on the concepts of urban creativity and creative city and the relationship between creativity, vitality and competitiveness in the urban environment, trying to understand which are, from the perspective of the interviewees, the structural conditions necessary for the development creativity in the city, with respect to their spatial / geographical configurations, and the cultural environments and associated economic activities.

At the same time, we tried to find ways to promote and support creativity in urban space and to discuss which of the political strategies and governance processes that can best enhance it.