Start date: 20/02/2018

Date of completion: 19/02/2020

Dinamização do Conselho Local de Acompanhamento (CLA) da EMAAC Loulé

The municipality of Loulé was the first in the Algarve to aprove a Municipal Strategy for Adaptation to Climate Change (EMAAC), under the ClimAdaPt.Local Project (2016). Once the EMAAC was approved, the municipality assumed the involvement of civil society in its implementation as a priority, through the establishment of a Local Accompaniment Council (CLA).

The CLA meets periodically and is made up of a diversity of key actors in the municipality, including representatives of national and local government, environmental and local development associations and major sectors such as tourism, agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

Following the approval of EMAAC and the establishment of CLA, it became important to establish a process that would help to monitor the implementation of the options outlined, as well as to facilitate an effective involvement of local stakeholders.

ICS-ULisboa, as a member of the ClimAdaPt.Local team, actively collaborated both in the final version of EMAAC Loulé and in the organization of the workshop with the stakeholders that led to the formation of CLA. Currently, it assists the municipality of Loulé through the facilitation of thematic CLA meetings, as well as supporting the monitoring of the adaptation options.

The ICS-ULisboa team is in charge of facilitating the CLA thematic working groups. The institute is also supporting the Loulé City Council in establishing indicators to measure the implementation of the EMAAC.