Start date: 1/2/2003

Date of completion: 1/12/2012

Risk does not exist: visions and practices of randomization

Project of bibliographical research and construction of debate forum, concentrating and analyzing theoretical and empirical productions that involve the social appropriation of randomness, uncertainty and threat in different social and cultural contexts. Particular attention will be given to the reflection about the relations of these materials with the probabilistic concept of “risk” and this with the societies in which it is hegemonic.

It is intended to concentrate and analyze the productions developed in the social sciences that involve or have as a fulcrum the social appropriation of randomness, uncertainty and threat, whether these studies are predominantly theoretical or empirical, with a view to:
– to exercise on these studies a theoretical and epistemologically critical view;
– use them as raw material for confirmation / confirmation and deepening of the theoretical principles synthesized in “state of the art”;
– to disseminate the results from a theoretical perspective, as well as a projection and intervention on the practical and decision-making approach of subjects involving collective dangers of technological or non-technological origin.