Start date: Janeiro de 1998

Date of completion: 2000

Urban Solid Waste – Attitudes and Representations About Domestic Waste and Recycling

The study of Urban Solid Waste – Attitudes and Representations on Household Garbage and Recycling, integrated in OBSERVA, came to an end in the first week of January 1998, with the final report and after the qualitative analysis of the results of the interviews carried out in Tavira (June 1997) and Gaia (October 1997). The materials collected, consisting of magnetic recordings of the interviews, scripts, interview transcripts, analysis matrices and other instruments for interpreting the results, will be archived in OBSERVA. The educational materials and complementary studies collected in the context of the contacts developed by the team with environmental research institutions and ecological action will also be archived.

Publication associated:

Resíduos Sólidos Urbanos – Atitudes e Representações sobre o Lixo Doméstico e Reciclagem