Start date: 15/7/2007

Date of completion: 15/9/2010

Sustainability and Food Consumption in Portugal: quality products in urban and rural space

Urban areas have become prime incubators for consumer demand for ‘quality’ food products. This demand has been supported not only by the global food market but also by the national rural spaces that have invested in multifunctional agriculture strategies to ensure their social and economic viability. Thus, this research focuses on ‘new’ food consumption and sustainability in urban and rural space. It seeks to understand the interdependence relations between production and consumption of ‘quality’ products (eg biological products, traditional and local) and also the fluid articulations between field and city in the promotion of food sustainability. The main objective of this study is to analyze the food practices of quality products in urban and rural space (Lisbon, Península de Setúbal and Alentejo). Theoretically the project will be based on an application of theories of practice to food consumption and also on convention theory. Methodologically, a mix of in-depth interviews, diaries, self-photography and secondary data will be used. This study will be compared to the results of a similar project in the UK where the author participated.