1st INTREPID Policy Brief: Recommendations on Integrating Interdisciplinarity, the Social Sciences and the Humanities and Responsible Research and Innovation in EU Research


At a time when the European Commission and Member States are taking stock of the initial phase of Horizon 2020 programming and funding (EUCO 2013), the COST Action on Interdisciplinarity in research programming and funding cycles (INTREPID) contributes with a set of research policy recommendations arising from an international conference held in Lisbon in January 2017 on Interdisciplinary Futures and the need to open up the social sciences.

A Special Session explored the concepts and practice of interdisciplinarity (ID), social sciences and humanities (SSH) and responsible R&I in the context of H2020, leading to recommendations in this Policy Brief.

The aim was to identify and propose recommendations that might inform the next programming period (FP9) from the perspective of ID, SSH and RRI, and possibly contribute to inform the final programming stage of H2020 (2018-2020) report. This brief offers a detailed account of the ideas, comments, questions and recommendations discussed and proposed during the Special Session.

Publication associated with Project INTREPID.