2nd INTREPID Report: Interdisciplinarity, the Social Sciences and the Humanities and Responsible Research and Innovation in EU Research


The initial scope of this world café session on interdisciplinarity (ID), social sciences and humanities (SSH) and responsible R&I in EU funding, was based on the preliminary findings of a short term scientific mission (STSM, 3-9 April 2016) held at DG Research and Innovation in Brussels, to explore different aspects of how ID was being understood and integrated in programming and funding policies (Bina 2016). The interviews held at DG R&I raised a
number of interesting questions about the use of the terms and concept of ID in the context of H2020 programming and funding (EUCO 2013).

In the conclusion of our report to DG R&I summarising the findings from the interviews held, we suggested organising a workshop to discuss some of the key issues identified. Eventually, the opportunity arose to create such event as part of a larger international conference on interdisciplinarity and the need to open up the social sciences.

Publication associated with Project INTREPID.