Confrontation of fusion and other future energy technologies’ representations in the public discourse – media analysis (Portugal and Spain)


The work described in this report is a follow-up of WP12-SER-ACIF-1, which conducted an analysis of news from German, Spanish and Portuguese journals, as well as of international press, regarding fusion, focusing in particular in the representation of fusion and fission before and after the Fukushima accident (Schmidt et al. 2012). Taking advantage of the database of news collected for WP12-SER-ACIF-1, we complement it with the collection of news regarding other emerging energy generating technologies, in order to compare media representations.

The emerging energy technologies selected for analysis are wave and tidal power, hydrogen, deep sea offshore wind power, energy applications of nanotechnology, biofuels from microalgae and IV generation nuclear fission. This work covered the news published in a selection of newspapers in Portugal and Spain between January 2007 and June 2013.