Reframing adaptation to climate change in Portugal: the case of ClimAdaPT.Local


Publication: Book chapter

Mourato, J. et al. 2018. “Reframing adaptation to climate change in Portugal: the case of ClimAdaPT.Local”. In Changing Societies: Legacies and Challenges. Vol. iii. The Diverse Worlds of Sustainability, eds. A. Delicado, N. Domingos and L. de Sousa. Lisbon: Imprensa de Ciências Sociais, 153-177.

As the 21st century settles in, an array of tightly intertwined migratory, social, economic, financial, political, and ecological unrest has brought to the fore the restrictive adaptability of contemporary political arenas, institutions, development models, and policy instruments, inviting us to interpret and to address the causes underlying these upheavals (Ferrão 2016; Kolb 2010; Castles 2004; Smith and Wiest 2012) and attempt to mitigate their negative impacts (Akyüz 2014). Beyond that looms an unpredictable regime of climate change that may permanently undermine the Planet’s habitability (O’Brien 2014).

Publication associated with CLIMADAPT.LOCAL Project.