Socio-technical consensus and controversies about renewable energy

Tipo de Publicação: Research Brief

Fonseca, Susana, Truninger, Mónica, Junqueira, Luís e Delicado, Ana (2013). “Socio-technical consensus and controversies about renewable energy”. Research brief n. 1 – Public opinion on renewable energy.

In March 2007 EU leaders committed Europe to become a highly energy efficient, low carbon economy. In 2009,
through the climate and energy package, a set of targets known as the “20-20-20” established three key objectives for 2020:

  • A 20% reduction in EU greenhouse gas emissions from 1990 levels;
  • An increase of 20% of the share of
    energy produced from renewable sources in the EU;
  •  A 20% improvement in the EU’s energy efficiency.

Among these key objectives, the most relevant for the present research is the one related to the share of renewable
energy sources in the overall energy consumption in the EU. This objective has been the main driver for investments in renewable energy across Europe and therefore, most of the actions taken in Portugal are a direct result from this
political context. According to Eurobarometer surveys, the way Europeans and particularly the Portuguese population perceive these objectives differ, as well as the perception regarding both present and future roles of
renewable sources of energy in the energy mix. This Research Brief seeks to present and discuss some of the main results regarding these matters with a particular emphasis on wind and solar power energy sources.

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