Team History
Cristiana Bastos

Cristiana Bastos is an anthropologist and has been a member of the Institute of Social Sciences since 1990. Her research interests have focused on population dynamics, mobility, medical anthropology, historical anthropology and social studies of science. Contexts included the interior Algarve, Brazil, the United States, contemporary Lisbon, colonial Goa and Lusophone Africa.

She has coordinated several projects on medicine and colonialism, transnational mobility, environment, risk, therapeutic practices and social uses of water, and currently coordinates the projects Empire, centers and provinces – the circulation of medical knowledge, Comparative Studies in Society and Medicine, The New Calm , Fragments of memory; integrates the Group of Studies of Technoscience, in the ICS, and the Luso-Brazilian group Scientia.

She is a member of the Portuguese Association of Anthropology, of which he was vice-president of the American Anthropological Association, the European Association for the Study of Science and Technology, and invited by the Brazilian Anthropology Association.

She has a diverse educational activity, with full participation in the ICS postgraduate program and as a guest at ISCTE, Public Health, Nursing, Medicine, as well as in universities in the United States and Brazil.

She edited thematic issues of Ethnographic, Social Analysis, History, Health Sciences – Manguinhos, Crossings and has a volume “Parts of Asia” from Portuguese Literary and Cultural Studies. She is the author of Global Responses to AIDS (Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1999), Montes do Nordeste Algarvio (Lisbon, Cosmos, 1993), co-author of Colonial Transits: Luso-Brazilian Critical Dialogues (Lisbon, ICS, 2001), and various other volumes, chapters and articles.