Start date: 2014

Date of completion: 2015

Electroteen – Routines, Reflexivity and Change in Energy Consumption Associated with the Use of Electronic Media by Adolescents in Time of Scarcity

This project aims to understand the energy consumption of adolescents associated with the use of electronic media.

More specifically, it is intended:

  • identify the daily routines of adolescents regarding the use of information and communication technologies, as well as the ways in which these are interrelated with other activities;
  • to estimate the practical knowledge of adolescents about the energy consumption of these technologies;
    identify the forms of adolescents’ involvement in electronic media;
  • to characterize the configurations and arrangements associated to the use of these technologies by the adolescents with implications in the consumption of electricity;
  • understand the social interactions of adolescents related to these technologies.

The project also aims to produce knowledge that can be useful to policy makers and manufacturers with a view to designing public policies that aim to promote the reduction of electricity consumption as well as to better adapt the energy consumption of these technologies to the actual practices of users .

Associated Publications: 

Crescente consumo de energia associado às tecnologias de informação e comunicação exige mais eficiência energética

Rotinas, reflexividade e mudança no consumo de energia associado ao uso dos media eletrónicos pelos adolescentes em tempo de escassez

Os média electrónicos e o ambiente: práticas e representações dos adolescentes