Start date: 01/11/2018

Date of completion: 31/10/2020

PERSIST_EU – Knowledge, beliefs, perceptions about science of European students

In PERSIST_EU we will develop an instrument to assess the quality of science-based training,  focusing specifically on how the student views on certain topics could change after undergoing said training. University students are the perfect target group for this project, especially given the transnational nature of the project. University students are used to learning habits, a scientific based environment, are usually open to new ideas and learning through ICT-based methods and more susceptible to change their views if presented with facts and new evidence. The topics of the training we will validate the platform with are of highest relevance, namely, climate change, vaccines, use of complementary medicina, phytosanitary strategies and food safety. It will provide PERSIST_EU also with valuable information about the national, cultural, gender and socio-economic or even language-related differences among university students along the EU that will be summarized in a digital book.

Specific Objectives

  1. To produce an ICT based assessment method for the teaching of science among University students that might be applicable in the future for any teaching activity and potentially to any educational level. The platform will be able to assess what or who influences students when deciding matters related to science and whether it is based on scientific evidence or anecdotal evidence.
  2. To improve the knowledge for science social appropriation of University students across the EU on specific topics of substantial social influence: climate change, vaccines, the use of CAMs, phytosanitary strategies and food safety.
  3. To analyse the regional, gender-related and cultural differences of University students in regards to their science social appropriation. For that purpose, the activities (either seminar, workshop, stand-up…) will be carried out in five different EU countries, two central European (Germany, Slovakia) and three south European nations (Portugal, Spain, and Italy). Therefore, we ensure to cover differences related to socio-geo-political issues.

Expected results:

  • A reusable ICT platform for the assessment of natural and social science teaching activities.
  • A complete analysis of the science social appropriation of European University students on science-related hot-topics (climate change, vaccines use, complementary therapies, phytosanitary interventions…) that they have a significant impact in EU day-to-day life and policy.
  • Improvement of the transnational relations among partners.
  • Improvement of the scientific literacy of the students participating in the activities.
  • Improvement of the appreciation of science by the student participant in the activities.

PERSIST_EU is a European Project supported by the EC under the Erasmus+ Program KA2 (Grant Agreement n. 2018-1-ES01-KA203-050827).

Ana Delicado (coord.), Mónica Truninger, Roberto Falanga